IGZO vs IPS – What is the Difference?

Every day, we hear of a new invention, especially in the tech field. Some of them catch our attention and some don’t. Besides, if you talk about the display screen and the powerful resolutions, they are ever so evolving. You might see something promising beyond 4K anytime soon!


However, that is altogether a different debate. There is no doubt about the fact that displays and resolution are getting far more robust and hence it becomes a little bit of a challenge to know the real difference. Besides, the never-ending race of coming up with the exceptional and stunning resolutions and the smoother display performance come up with the range of features that are somehow confusing to understand by a newbie.

But among them, let’s focus on the IPS and IGZO technology for the display screen. Talking about the comparison, they have always been subjected to the talk about having massive attention from both parties. One vote for IGZO while the other says IPS display screen is better. So, let’s have a look one by one on some of the display technologies and what they have to offer us.

What is an IGZO?

IGZO tft ips panel

From the name, IGZO sounds more like a technical term. It is basically an acronym of Indium gallium zinc oxide and is a semiconducting material and used in display screens.

It is readily present in the TFT backplane. Opting for an elegant and robust display does come with its own advantages. In fact, IGZO is not a typical screen penal rather it is a different kind of display panel that has been recently invented.

And if you talk about this superbly innovative IGZO technology, its amazing performance and superlative features makes it appealing among its followers. Let’s find out what are its highlighted features.

IGZO TFT IPS Panel Technology

IGZO technology was first developed in Japan and it is pretty much innovative. Hence it offers you the most amazing and quality output.

However, being highly priced and the use of rare metal make it not only far from the customer approach but also its new entry in the market is not very popular, as compared to the IPS technology. Let’s see what other features this indium gallium zinc oxide transistor has to offer.

Next-level Performance

It is being widely used in the LED, watches, smartphones, laptops, monitors, tablets and more. Its futuristic approach with the most innovative performance is something that is still unknown to a larger audience.

Consumes Less Power

It’s high-end built and the next-level approach makes it more appealing for its users. Moreover, its power saving consumption adds to the overall quality and instantly makes it stand out. If you are opting for the IGZO display technology, it offers you the 80%-90% more power efficient performance. The electron mobility is higher by 20 to 50% if you compare it by a regular display penalty.

It readily saves the power especially when output the still images with higher resolutions. That is something that instantly makes it stand out. Since IGZO transistors are made up of extremely rare metals like Indium and Gallium, it is pretty much expensive to opt for it.

Higher Picture Density

IGZO resolution

In addition to that, the higher and intensified level of pixels makes the picture quality ultimately more accurate and more precise. Due to the higher and more pixel presence in niche IGZO screens feature utmost clarity in every frame. It’s powerful built and the dedicated output makes sure you have the precise image resolution.  

Not only for IPS, but IGZO offers you the equality picture in comparison with almost all display penalties. Besides, due to the low power consumption you don’t have to have a concern about electricity bills!

Vivid Colors With Utmost Perfection

If you are using the IGZO TFT backplane display, you will feel the rich and realistic coloration all in all. It has been designed to cover the 99.2% of the Adobe RGB color space that makes a difference. Its vibrant color approach is what makes it an in-demand technology with multiple benefits.

What is an IPS display?

IGZO vs ips panel

An IPS display penal is designed with the aligned crystals in parallel that let out the vivid and richer coloration. It has gained much attention for professional users and gamers as well. With an ergonomic approach and widely available, IPS has become the ever-green approach.

Realistic Colors

IPS display screen on the other hand features a slight difference. While its coloration is still charming and vibrant, it consumes more power. Hence unlike the IGZO displays and In-plane switching displays would require more power to perform in perfection.

Comfortable Viewing Angles

Viewing angles of IPS can be trusted.  That is the reason why IPS screens are pretty much popular for the viewing angles (apart from the IPS glow).  Moreover, the highly valuable contrast ratio is commendable. It looks better and certainly outputs in a suave manner. And due to the colorations, the different display screens generally prefer this type of display screens. Its wide viewing angle makes it all in all the best choice for various purposes.

Sharp & Vivid Display

IPS technology is much advanced and user-friendly in presenting you with better colors with ultra-vivid output. Besides, in many VA, and TN display panels, IPS makes it a special place. For gaming, this display can be a worthwhile choice.

Fast Response Time

The response time is another quality feature that you will find exceptional in the IPS display. Typically, 1ms of response time is what you get from an IPS display panel. The response time of an IPS panel has always been lauded and hence the workflow never gets interrupted.


Although the IPS technology is regarded as an expensive one, if you are comparing it with the IGZO TFT display, it is pretty much reasonable in price. Besides, IGZO being high-end in technology is not as cheap as IPS technology is. And IPS can be costly if you compare it with TN or VA panels. So it depends who you are comparing it with and what is your personal budget range.


Are there any down sides of IGZO TFT displays?

While you have been looking at the larger than life display of IGZO, the apparent display may forget you of its icon. To be very honest, there is not a special con in this technology that will make you shun from it.

However, due to being rare and the use of highly reactive elements, as it has been designed with the metal oxide which results in low voltage.  In addition to that, IGZO is an expensive technology to opt for, although this is not a downside in its built but as a matter of fact, it adds to its difficult approach for a common user.

Is IGZO and IPS the same technologies?

The thing that makes the IGZO and IPS confusing to offer is their relatively same appearance and the performance. However, IGZO is totally different with robust features and performance. In fact, IGZO is not a penal but a different type of transistor that is present in the TFT stands for thin-film-transistor) backplane.  With the smooth and higher electron mobility, the colors and overall performance has got thumbs up!

If you are switching to this IGZO technology, it is a better and refined version of the aSi-TFT IPS. With about 80% enhanced efficiency and output it has become a reliable source of high-tech experience. Besides, IPS is not very power saving its built and performance. IPS technology is preferred by its viewing angles and the rich colors mainly.

Is IGZO more robust than IPS?

Certainly, the comparison of one technology with another is a common thing. And for IGZO TFT, it becomes more like an interesting thing to talk about. With the use of semiconducting material in the thin-film transistor, IGZO has made innovation possible in a user-friendly way.

Besides, it is much more high tech in terms of smart response and human-interaction approach. There is no second thought about indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) being more efficient and powerful in response. Besides, its 80% of power saving performance readily makes it a high-quality and innovative tech-wonder.  If it lacks in anything is its reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

There are certainly two group people, one in favor of IGZO and the other who prefer using the IPS display. However, one thing that is for sure is IGZO offers you some of the really innovative and never seen before features that make it an appealing technology to stand out.

Besides, IPS holds its own place for being easily available, reasonable budget range and satisfactory output. Although there is not a huge difference except for that IGO offers you everything more robust and more stunning, with the touch of high-tech features.

All in all, IGZO features the more futuristic approach and uses less power. And for IPS it is readily available and catering the service with much privilege.

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