Sceptre C275W-1920RN Review – Budget 1080p Curved Gaming Monitor

The scepter is a relatively lesser-known firm that is recently being in the limelight for its affordable and highly efficient electronic consumer goods. Scepter monitors are one of them that gives the buyer an enhanced sense of satisfaction due to the productivity and solid customer support beneath these products.

Sceptre C275W-1920RN Review

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The scepter monitors are highly reliable devices that offer good image quality, high color accuracy, and impressive performance with an effective and efficient display. The reason for an affordable price tag is particularly due to the infamous standing of the brand in the consumer market. Sceptre C275W-1920RN Review is all about finding the strengths and weaknesses of this 27 inches monitor to determine if this product is worth investing in or not. 

The strength of this monitor lies not only in its budget-friendly price tag but also in its premium features and technical specs that play a major role in making this monitor stand out from the competition and achieve a distinguished spot. 

The scepter monitor manufacturing firm is slightly inclined towards gaming features to make these devices capable of being looked upon as competitive gaming monitors. But to break the stereotypes and for holding grounds in all the relevant categories scepter monitors are touching the multi-functioning. 

This allows these monitors to fulfill the needs of gaming geeks, cinematographers, artists, content creators, office workers, students, and all other casual users who don’t want to break their banks yet desire a productive and effective monitor screen. 

Budget Curved Gaming Monitor
9.4/10 Our Score


  • 1920 X 1080 Pixels resolution
  • 27 inch curved IPS display
  • 75-hertz refresh rate 
  • 8ms GTG Response time
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • LED display
  • Wall mount
  • 30-degree tiltable screen
  • Edgeless design

Our Verdict:
Are you a fan of curved display screens that offer ultrawide immersive views then you ought to look for this Sceptre C275W-1920RN monitor. This is a 27-inch monitor that is originally launched as the gaming monitor but due to its crystal clear display and high-quality visuals, it is capable of being used as a photo editing or video editing device.

Although the display is good enough for a beginning-level artistic monitor and is quite suitable for content creation, considering the color accuracy and visual appeal this monitor cannot be regarded as a professional device suited to high-end professional work. 

Size and Outlook

The size and outlook of this monitor are commonplace among the standard 27-inch display screens.  This is a conventional monitor that looks like a standard screen and has nothing extraordinary or outstanding in terms of its display. The standard outlook makes it able to achieve the trust of the users who tend to support the things they have been familiar with.

The 27-inch curved display of this monitor is featuring an 1800 R curvature which will increase the width of the display panel and users will be able to enjoy a slightly bigger screen. In this way, this device will feature the goodness of both a conventional and an ultrawide screen. 

Another commendable trait of this monitor is its compatibility with both desktop PC and laptop PC versions.  Thus all those users who partially want to pair their monitor with laptops during multimedia presentations or other personal use can hook it up with a laptop. While those office workers who want to have a long-term connection between a monitor and a desktop system then this Sceptre C275W-1920RN is a perfect choice. 

Display Panel

Sceptre C275W-1920RN

This monitor features an edgeless black metallic display with the In-Plane switching panel type. The IPS display panel makes it highly color accurate due to the maximum color reproduction of the color pellet and therefore, users will be capable of enjoying the natural lifelike imagery.  

This splendid display is not just a result of high-quality IPS display panel but rather is an interplay of various forces that individually act together to make the display reach desired heights.  Common among these forces are the color saturation, color gamut, color pallet, resolution, display panel type, brightness, and eye care technologies. 

Resolution and Image Quality

This monitor is a full HD 1920 X 1080 pixels device and this makes it a favorable option for most of the fields and tasks. The gaming users will all be fond of a professional display with crystal clear visuals and high-end color accuracy. This is all based on the 1080 pixels image quality that allows for the photo editing and cinematographic applications of the monitor. 

The graphic artists and content creators will not be capable of using any monitor under FHD resolution and this makes these monitors bottom line for professional works in the said categories. Although there are many cheap devices they will not be good enough to make their way into the graphic designing field even by the entry-level users and novices. 

Color gamut

The color gamut of this Sceptre C275W-1920RN monitor includes the 100% coverage of the sRGB spectrum of the visible light while the same amount of REC 709 spectrum is also included in the color gamut of this device. The color pallet is also the traditional one with 16.7 million colors. There are plenty of modern-day monitors designed for professional graphic designing and content creation that features a color pallet with 1 billion colors. 

Refresh rate

The refresh rate of the scepter monitor is 75 hertz that is better than the conventional 60-hertz refresh rate of common monitors. This native refresh rate is sufficient enough for casual gaming and will be capable of giving a tearing and distortion-free display within the 75 frames per second rate. 

To reduce the gap between the frame rate and refresh rate this monitor also features AMD adaptive sync technology that will reduce the input lag and make the display enjoyable with its actual image quality and resolution. 

Response time

The response time of this monitor is not very pleasing since it is being offered at an 8 milliseconds GTG value. This response time will make the procession of action comparatively slower than monitors with a faster refresh rate. Input lag caused by this slow procession of FPS can be reduced by using an efficient graphic card and the Freesync technology.


C275W-1920RN review

This monitor has a wall-mount and doesn’t include the VESA mounting type for introducing the multi-monitor setups. A Wall mount with 27-inch screen size is good enough for personal use and is quite efficient for gaming geeks but when it comes to office workers a wall mount is not a necessity. 

This monitor also offers an ergonomic stand to suit the needs of corporate workers who are looking for a productive desk with an efficient and effective monitor screen. This stand is capable of tilting, pivoting, and rotating about its central axis. 

The height-adjustable feature of this monitor is also good enough for making the monitor reach the eye level of the user.  The swivel base is an additional ergonomic feature that allows for a convenient rotation of the monitor in any direction to suit the needs of users.   

Eye care technology

Monitors are meant to be used for quite a long time since the majority of these users are office workers and gaming enthusiasts both of which have to spend a major part of their day before the screen.  This overuse of the screen will lead to causing digital stress and eye strain that is the most common health hazard these days. 

To counter these issues eye care technologies have been an active part of the latest monitor screen and they work for reducing the eye strain caused by excessive usage of these devices. Among these eye care technologies, flicker-free screen and anti glaring panel are the topmost. 

The flicker-free screen will be more healthy for the eyes since the continuous flickers of pixels on the screen will be absorbed by the anti-flickering screen and users will be prevented from the flickering of the screen.  Furthermore, the glare produced by the display panel will be prevented from emission using the anti glaring coating over the monitor screen. 

Other than these two common eye care technologies blue light filters are also famous and this monitor will be saved from the harmful impacts of blue light emitted from the monitor screen due to the ultra-blue light filters.

  • High color accuracy
  • Reasonable price
  • Slim and sleek design
  • 1800 R curved display
  • Built-in speakers
  • Flexible range of connectivity
  • Slow response time
  • No ergonomics

Final Verdict

This low-budget monitor is a great device that has the potential of being the best budget monitor for photo editors and office workers. Considering its 27-inch size and exclusive eye-care technologies the monitor is quite a catch for extended monitor usage. The productivity, versatility, performance, and efficiency of the monitor will be counted to make it an investment-worthy device.

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