What is FreeSync Brightness Flickering & How To Fix It?

Being a computer enthusiastic does demand to have a high-end and innovative display screen featuring the innovation within. Moreover, if you know its functionality it saves you readily from many worries and hence you can solve your problems on your own.

What is FreeSync Brightness Flickering

And if you are a game lover having the FreeSync display makes sense.  And in recent times, there are many screens featuring the best and most adaptive qualities that would make the screen-time more convenient to see.

Besides, experiencing the flickering of brightness in some games is pretty obvious however; it is not the obvious case with all games, you still not face flickering even though you are playing the fast-paced competitive games set at certain fps or refresh rate.

However, that can be a little bit of a challenge when you start to face this FreeSync brightness flickering. That certain effect the whole gaming as well as proper viewing experience. To care about that, let’s see the solution that you can try out.

FreeSync Brightness Flickering

If you are using the high-tech VA (vertical alignment) LCD display technology featuring the FreeSync you will most likely face the brightness flickering issue. However, brightness flickering is also seen in IPS and TN panels but that is not as much as with VA panels. It is a pretty common malfunction especially with the VA panel, and with some other display screens as well featuring this FreeSync.

FreeSync brightness flickering is not something that will be present in every game and every time you use the computer. Rather it readily depends on which game you are playing and even then it depends on various things.  You also experience the flickering of the screen in only one unit of the display monitor while the rest is doing just fine.

For example it can be worse and the screen starts to flick uncontrollably and in some games the brightness flickering will only happen while you load the game. And on the other hand you don’t face this issue at all; even you are using the VA penalty with FreeSync!

Keeping Off The FreeSync Brightness Flickering

The best and perhaps the simplest answer to brightness flickering would be to minimize the picture settings. This will keep the refresh rate in control. Moreover, updating the firmware would also be a worthwhile solution. Although you can also reduce flickering by simply disable the FreeSync mode, the solution is also there. At present, Samsung has taken notice of this issue by introducing the solution in a form of VRR (variable refresh rate) option through firmware update.

In addition to that keep in mind that in some of the display panels the refresh rate can instantly and randomly fluctuate to the elevated point let’s say 144Hz which definitely affects the screen and causes the flickering one way or another. Therefore, VRR in the control range turns out to be a solution. That is what you can opt for if facing such issues on the screen. Hence, manufacturer’s firmware update is the only and valid way that is to be done!

How To Reduce The FreeSync Brightness Flickering?

What is AMD freesync?

Firstly, if anything annoys you in display settings, the solution would also be somewhere in the settings! The display screen with the constantly changing refresh rate of 48 to 144Hz will activate or promote the low frame rate compensation (LFC). This will happen when the fps goes to 47FPS or below than that. It is mainly for AMD graphics cards.

And we all know FreeSync is best to reduce and eliminate the screen tearing, so LFC doubles up the frame rate to keep the screen tearing. Therefore, decreasing the picture setting is recommended. If the display you are using right now has the 48 FPS, frame per second it will affect the LCF and that certainly keeps its rate high and low or on and off which cause the brightness flickering. However, decreasing the picture setting is a wiser way and the answer to this trouble.

Moreover, the use of Custom Resolution Utility, CRU for enhancing VRR (variable refresh rate) is another thing that you can approach. Using the Custom Resolution Utility, CRU tool to minimize the FreeSync range makes a difference.


Why does brightness flickering happen?

Flickering and fluctuation in the display screen is something that makes the perfection in a comfortable view compromised. In addition to that if you are playing games or working on a graphics animation, this thing becomes unbearable. However, if you know the exact reason behind it, you can certainly better understand the root cause and hence the approach towards the solution ultimately becomes reliable.

Flickering of the brightness in FreeSync technology is because the display you are using is set at higher brightness at the refresh rate, it makes the brightness to vibrate or flick as there is not in sync for the refresh rate and the display brightness. 

For instance, if the FPS of the display screen is at 48fps with persistency it will cause the LFC to fluctuate and hence you see the brightness to flicker.

How can I solve the FreeSync flickering?

Mainly, there are two main reasons for the brightness flickering that is LFC and the FPS. Brightness flickers in multiple games especially when the FreeSync is on. However, if you are looking for a solution to fix this issue first of all you should lower the refresh rate and keep it in sync with FPS. If you keep the range of FPS from 60 to 165 it can be a worthy outcome. In addition disabling the AMD External Events Utility and restarting the system is another thing that you can try.

In addition to that, you can fix it by following some simple steps. First of all, open the AMD Radeon settings, go to display and turn on or turn off the virtual resolution or the GPU scaling by toggling it. Once you are done, you will immediately find the flickering of brightness to attenuate to a drastic level. It is an authentic way that works pretty well as well!

How can I stop the screen from flickering in window 10?

Apart from games, if your display monitor screen flicks it hampers the workflow and also causes the bad impression for sight. You can’t work properly while facing the flickering of the screen. Generally, it happens if the divers aren’t updating, or having some malfunction. Moreover, if the drivers of windows aren’t compatible you will most likely face this very issue. Make sure the drivers are updated and you have compatible software and windows.

Flickering in G-sync- what is the best possible solution?

fixing gsync Brightness Flickering

If you are having the G-sync technology in the display monitor and facing the screen oscillation or flickering, it is because of the low FPS. It is pretty much evident that when frames per second go beyond the FreeSync range the screen will flash. Therefore, enhancing the lower frequency will make sure of the solution.

What happens if I keep using the flickering display screen?

The display screen that is flickering and fluctuating in brightness or producing the improper quality display affects the sight. Beside, you can’t focus on the screen and the targeted work to make sure the precise angle. No matter how precise your work is, if the display is not in its best condition, it will continue to distract you and your sight as well.

If you are using the FreeSync monitor and facing the brightness flickering issue that will cause the number of issues. You definitely have to move your pupil faster than usual and hence it will cause discomfort to the sight. All in all if you keep using the display screen with flickering brightness or the display, it will put eye strain.

In order to play the fun and exciting game, the brightness flickering needs to be solved, and make sure that the overall performance is in control.

Final Thoughts

Facing some issues while you have a computer is nothing surprising. We all have faced some malfunction at some point. However, the thing is to know the solution properly.

Today we have talked about the FreeSync brightness flickering. While you know that FPS and refresh rate has to be in a certain limit, you can readily make adaptive changes to see if the brightness flickering stops or not.

Besides, brightness flickering is something that behaves differently, sometimes you face it only when the game is being loaded, sometimes only a portion of the screen shows that and sometimes the whole screen starts to fluctuate in terms of brightness. Try using the CRU tool or decreasing the picture setting to see changes and enjoy the best gaming time.

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