What Is Screen Tearing And How Do You Fix It?

Are you seeing multiple frames in a single image on your display monitor? That is screen tearing, and if your answer is ‘YES’ this read is going to be a worthy piece of information for you!

What is screen tearing?

Many of us experience glitches in the display screen mainly in the smooth moving scene of movies, videos and games. And it is something that is pretty much common to face this issue one way or another. For people who are graphics designers, animation creators or gamers it matters a lot.

No matter why it happens, poor refresh rate or the low quality FPS, but the screen tearing is one of the most annoying malfunctions that we shall discuss in today’s article. There are multiple reasons why you would face it. So let’s start the guide and let’s know what screen is tearing, why it happens and how you can fix it. Read on.

What Is Screen Tearing?

Screen tearing is basically a visual artifact in a moving display i.e. video with the improper frame information. When you are playing the game or watching the video, and it shows multiple frames within a single frame, this is what we called as screen tearing. Screen tearing can also occur when the monitor is in refresh mode and drawing new frames too frequently for the graphics card to keep up with.

Screen tearing causes the horizontal line on the display screen (in video and games) because the top and bottom part aren’t in sync, and the information is not completely loaded. It generally happens in fast-paced games and videos.

What Are the Causes Of Screen Tearing?

Certainly, the tearing of the screen is pretty much an annoying malfunction that every gamer hates. But what happens and what is the cause?

If your computer system is not in the sync state with its GPU and the refresh rate of the display, the display would not be able to render and output the images right away.

Certainly, if it is not in sync with the graphics processing unit and it will still be receiving commands while rendering the image, the tearing and getting new information would appear like the tearing effect. The lag and sluggish output will become the reason for screen tearing.

How To Fix The Screen Tearing with Simple Techniques

How to fix screen tearing

Screen tearing is a common error that many gamers experience and face. However, to fix the error and bring back the smooth and fluid-like screen motion is not a challenger either. And if your display screen often tears while you play those fast-paced games, here is how you can readily and easily overcome it. Below are presenting you the number of ways to fix the screen tearing.

1. Restart the system altogether

No doubt, whenever something happens to your computer whether it is freezing or anything else you prefer the restarting of it immediately, and that works actually as well.

The good news is you can try that for solving the screen tearing too. Besides, restarting and closing the current running game or applications is what experts recommend to you. This way the chances of restoring the video feed become grave.

2. Try replacing the resolution and the refresh rate

The resolution and the refresh rate is something that has a direct relation with the display and how it outputs. Changing the refresh rate can readily help the screen tearing. Lowering down the resolution of video and games helps the GPU to work smoothly and it will control to offer you the best performance.

To do so, type resolution in the start search bar and pick up the Change the Resolution of the Display option> select the Advanced display settings option. From the new window, go to the Adapter tab and you will find the list all modes button.

Now you should see the different resolution and FPS modes that you can use. But pick up the one that is according to the graphics card. After the assurance of the right pick, restart the PC and that’s it. However, also make sure to return the changes if the process doesn’t work well.

3. How about changing the FPS

While there are a number of ways to solve the screen tearing, try out the changing of its FPS (Frames per Second). Besides, if you change the game FPS it will make the gameplay smoother. And if the setting of the game fps and monitor’s graphics card performance is not in accordance you should make it in sync.

Go to the settings of your game or video whatever you are playing, and find the graphics settings. Find the change FPS or frame rate option and at first lower it by the slightest value to see the difference. The quality

4. Shuffle the Nvidia V-sync

And if you have the Nvidia V-sync monitor, screen tearing should be a big challenge you should face. The purpose of Nvidia V-sync is to readily tackle the screen tearing in first place. Click right on the desktop and find the Nvidia Control Panel, select it. A window will appear, there find out the Manage 3D Settings. In the right penal you will see the Vertical Sync that you need to ‘On’ or ‘Off’ as per the current setting.

5. Shut off game mode and full-screen optimization

If you are using the recent and high-tech windows where Microsoft has offered you the Game Mode with multiple features, it becomes easier to solve the screen tearing. To turn-off the game mode press windows key and I simultaneously, the window settings will appear and on that click on the Gaming.

Now, select the gaming bar from the left penal turn off the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Game bar by toggling it, and restart it. You’re done. If screen tearing is still there disable full-screen optimization by right clicking on the game icon from which you are facing the screen tearing issue go to compatibility and then disable full-screen optimization option and click OK.

6. Switch to another browser

If you are facing screen tearing for online streaming it might be your browser that is causing the trouble.

Thankfully, there is another easier and quick way to tackle the screen tearing especially if it is related to the specific internet browser. Simply switch to the browser which you aren’t facing screen tearing issues with.

7. Upgrade the video card

If none of the above mentioned techniques help you to solve the screen tearing, it’s high time for you to upgrade the graphics video card. Certainly, that would help you and even boot the overall video performance with swift output. Make sure the video card you are upgrading to can support the game and video, to be specific.

8. Control the frame limit of your game

Playing your most favorite game and facing this screen tearing and multiple frames in a single image is pretty much irritating. However, another way to solve this issue is to keep the game’s frame in control. Many games offer this feature, and if the game you are playing has this Frame Limit feature already on, you should try to off it.

In the game menu, search for the frame limit option right under the graphics section or the video section, wherever it is located. Simply switch off this option and see the changes. However, if nothing happens, i.e. the screen tearing is persistent, revert the changes to avoid any other unknown trouble.

9. Smooth scrolling

smooth scrolling

Smooth scrolling is pretty obvious with its name. You can tackle the screen tearing from the Chrome browser by turning it off. It is pretty simple. Open a new tab in chrome and in the address bar type chrome://flags/#smooth-scrolling and press enter and disable the smooth scrolling.

10. Reinstall the drivers

Also, screen tearing can be overcome by updating and reinstalling of the drivers. If your graphics card is outdated and does not feature the current feature as the game features, it definitely outputs teasing and bad image quality. Try to update it, if it is still not working uninstall it to reinstall properly, altogether again.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the screen tearing is a graphical distortion error that appears when your GPU is and the display screen is not in sync. While screen tearing is a pretty common error, so is troubleshooting.

And that’s something that is a relief for the games and many videographers. In addition, if you are a dedicated gamer, it is advised to choose the display screen that has been engineered with the G-sync technology to keep the display sync with the Nvidia GPU. Besides, there are multiple ways to tackle this issue, however, in this article we have highlighted the easy and recommended ways to prevent screen tearing that would help you to the greater extent.

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